Before Veggies and Chocolate™ sprouted to life, its inspiration had long been planted as a seed. As its founder, Liz Blom wanted to make a profound difference in the health and wellness of others. What she did not anticipate was how a lack of energy was perceived as simply poor will power, and how this would take its toll on her daily mental and physical self as well as a mom and aspiring entrepreneur.

Following her dream of helping others in 2010, Liz enrolled in a wellness coaching program and a friend introduced her to AdvoCare®. Open to the added benefits of supplements, Liz tried some product. The products significantly and positively impacted her energy levels and created a solution that put her nutrition habits back on track.  Liz chose to become an Independent Distributor based on the ability for her to share the benefits and impact of the products that she had experienced with others.  

AdvoCare® is a high integrity company founded in 1993, and aligns with Liz’s values; it provides quality, safe products formulated by an elite Scientific and Medical Advisory Board.

If you are looking to add quality supplementation to your healthy lifestyle you can learn more simply by asking us or by checking them out using this AdvoCare® Product Navigator.